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Victory Foursquare Church was established in Marysville, Washington in 1986. Pastors Stephen & Starla have been Senior Pastors at Victory since 1991. 

Victory Foursquare is flowing in two “rivers”; the first is centered deeply in our Foursquare revival roots and the second is centered deeply in the present Father’s love river flowing out of the Toronto Airport Christian Fellowship in Toronto, Canada (now known as Catch the Fire Toronto).

The Foursquare denomination was founded by Aimee Semple McPherson in the midst of brightly burning revival fires in 1927.  Testimonies abounded describing miracles, healings and great signs and wonders. Jesus Christ the Savior, Healer, Baptizer in the Holy Spirit and our soon coming King, manifested His presence daily in the services and in individual’s lives. Expectations and faith were high and people were not disappointed. This is our DNA. We are with faith contending for a fresh out pouring of Holy Spirit power and we believe we are seeing the first fruits of it.

In 1995, Pastors Stephen & Starla were desperate for more of God and they traveled to Toronto, Canada to visit a reported outbreak of “revival”. They were not disappointed as they were immersed in a fresh baptism of the Heavenly Father’s love, a renewed love for Jesus and a restored faith for miracles and healings.

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